In October 2007, several people attended an exhibit of West Islip memorabilia at the library.  Old maps, books, newspapers, scrapbooks and other items were there on loan from the  George Weeks Memorial Library and the West Islip Museum.  These two collections were housed at the Community Center on Higbie Lane.

Attendees were invited to come to come back to the library and share their stories and memories of growing up in West Islip.  We quickly realized that we all shared an interest in preserving West Islip history - and from that group - the West Islip Historical Society was formed.

The founding members are Nell Brosnan, Konny Lang, Terry Alleg,  Katie Hafele, John Oleksiuk, John Paserb, Gail Gyarmathy and Carolyn Agenjo.  Tom Spain, Donna Gerek, Joy Grimes and Joy Mangiaracina joined us soon after.  We regret to announce that John Oleksiuk passed away in 2011.  His contributions to the group will be long remembered. 

Original plans (shown below in italic) have not developed as planned.  We currently gather at the West Islip Library for quarterly meetings, and occasionally gather for impromptu projects.  We still welcome all who would like to join us - there are no dues, the only requirement is an interest in local history.  Contact us at the number or email address below for information,  or just ask for Carolyn when you are in the library.   One current project is to plan exhibits for the library's new local history/group study room.

Currently serving as officers are:  President, Lynn Luttenberger; Vice-President, Gail Gyarmathy;  Secretary,  Bob Raimondi; Treasurer, Jim Lundie,  Past President, Carolyn Agenjo

"We are planning projects such as publishing a book of photographs and reminiscences, preparing the West Islip Museum for public visits, creating programs that will draw attention to our group's efforts, and researching our community's heritage.  Soon we will develop a charter, by-laws and a mission statement; and we are exploring the process of incorporation."    

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